Fundraiser a Huge Success

On Saturday January 2nd, 2021, your Toronto Beaches Jr. A Lacrosse team did a virtual Workout For Local which included a a warmup with Grit Athletics, a 5k run, and a cool down with Joga.

The local community has always been there to support the team, and now it was their turn to be there to support local businesses through the impacts of COVID-19. Throughout the month of December the team raised funds on their GoFundMe page to give back to the community, and ended up raising a total of $17,113. 100% of the money raised went into the hands of local businesses, and the team was able to help 17 businesses total!

To help local businesses further, The Toronto Beaches Jr. A Lacrosse team put together gift baskets that were raffled off to anyone who donated to our GoFundMe page by Boxing Day at midnight. There were four baskets valued at $250 each, all made from locally purchased items. The hope was to not only financially support local businesses through purchasing these products to create these baskets, but to also help promote what local businesses have to offer.

The Toronto Beaches Jr. A Lacrosse team’s mission to support our local community will not end here. They will be continuing to promote local businesses through their social media channels.

Key contributors to the event are: Bruno’s fine foods, Hoopers Pharmacy, Beaches Heath and Wellness, Grit Athletics, New Frontier Fitness, Joga, Bob Acton Sports, and Beast Athletics.

Read more about the event here.