• Adults $10 • Seniors $5 • Students $5 • Kids $5
Local Business Directory

On Saturday January 2nd, your Toronto Beaches Jr. A Lacrosse team raised $17,000 for business in local community through their Workout For Local. The team was able to help 17 local business through a financial donation, but they do not want to stop there.

The team wants to help as many local businesses as possible and will do so through parting with local businesses to support them. Please find below our directory of each business we have partnered with to support and what we are doing with them.

Two Options we Are Offering:

#RideTheTide Team Offering

– 1 team representative reach out directly to Jason Battiste to book a time that works for the team workout
– $120/team/session through our #RideTheTide offering, regularly valued at $200/team/session
– Registration and payment to go through Jason Battiste KBXER@hotmail.com

Saturday Morning FIIT Camp 

– 9:00 – 10:00
– $5 per person
– Starting Saturday January 23rd
– Registration and payment to go through Jason Battiste: info@newfrontierfitness.ca

Contact info: 

New Frontier Fitness
Jason Battiste